This is not the same BoffoMac from the 90's, but this site will feature some of the same quality Mac links and software as the original site. The Hotline tracker/server is run by

Hotline software
The BoffoMac/ Hotline server hosts a variety of old Macintosh operating systems and software. Please use Hotline 1.2.3 client for 68K or PPC and connect to You can also obtain Hotline software for other platforms by visiting this site. To visit other Hotline servers (yes, there are still a few around), you can set your tracker in the options area to ""

Jason Roks chat transcript
Jason Roks hates Imagine
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Hinks chat transcript
Hotline protocol guide
Hotline CTRL-F12 secret codes

The world of Hotline was pretty exciting in the late 1990's to early 2000's. Hotline Comm initially ran the two main tracker servers known as and Between the Mac and PC users there was much conflict and whenever a server purposely listed on the wrong tracker, it was often attacked or hacked in some way. Icon lists made their way into Hotline providing a graphical overhaul of the userlist. The three more well known lists include SoSueMe, Badmoon, and Digital Obsession. Eventually a few large and open trackers united all servers together. A few examples include,, and Sadly, most of the community has gone on to other things. A few people still linger on the remaining Hotline servers, and a few others have moved over to the KDX protocol (closed source, no longer being developed). Two other protocols which have small followings include Wired and Carracho.

There are still a few running Hotline trackers kicking around today, and we do have an updated listing of active trackers and servers here. Using these in your Hotline Client software, simply drop them into the tracker configuration and load the listing. Quick list:,,,


Mac Links
Software downloads: - Various applications for 68K Macintosh systems
Old Drivers Collection -'s collection of old Mac/Win/DOS drivers
Apple Support Area - Apple specific updates and software
Info-Mac - large collection of freeware and shareware
68K Mac Liberation Army - forum for 68K/PPC discussion
MacRumors - general Apple product/news discussion
Info-Mac - Mac user community
Higher Intellect Forums - general discussion
Hotline related:
Active Hotline Trackers -'s listing of active Hotline trackers and servers
Hotline @ -'s collection of Hotline data
Big tracker list - a list of Hotline trackers during the software's peak
Hotline trackers list - pretty big tracker list
Hotline hackers handbook - text file with some tricks and info about Hotline
SynHXD - Open source Hotline server for Linux/OSX/BSD servers
System 7 Today - guide for keeping older Macs running with System 7 musem - photos and info from the museum
Apple Service PDFs - directory listing
Apple II manuals - PDF manuals
PowerComputing manuals - PDF manuals
Learning OSX Terminal - PDF document
Hack Your Mac OSX 2002 - PDF document
MacsBug howto - part of the MacHackFAQ
Hard Drive Despair Repair - Part 1, Part 2

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